Shenzhen Shinn Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It has been committed to the research of intelligent and coreless small home appliances, improving the experience of using small home appliances, and enhancing the convenience of people's lives.

The hair dryer is one of the most frequently used small appliances, but the rope harness carried by the traditional hair dryer firmly binds the user in a space of about 1 meter in radius, which causes inconvenience for the user, the R&D team invested in research and development. After 2 years of continuous research and development, the first cordless hair dryer was launched.

In the future, we will inject more elements into cordless hair dryers to further enhance the user experience, allowing users to enjoy the ultimate experience while liberating freedom and not accepting the constraints of time and space!


Charles LEI:I don’t have hair, but I am willing to take care of your hair.

SHINN is a cordless hair dryer technology brand created exclusively by Charles LEI.

In 2019, Charles LEI's 70+ year old mother complained to him that blowing her hair felt like a pain in her back and hands, and that it would be nice if she could sit on the couch and blow dry her hair.

Charles LEI, who has extremely strong product thinking and innovation ability, immediately thought: making a cordless hair dryer makes great sense! So, he led the team to painstaking research and development, after two years finally launched SHINN cordless hair dryer, and overcome technical difficulties, equipped with 100,000 rpm high-speed motor and intelligent thermostat, to achieve a large wind speed drying does not hurt the hair, completely say goodbye to the history of high temperature baking dry hair.

Since its launch in 2021, SHINN cordless hair dryer has been widely acclaimed and praised for its cordless portable, windy and quick drying without hair damage experience and outstanding performance.

In the future, Mr. Charles LEI will continue to invest in the research and development of cordless small appliances to provide a smarter life for the people.